Fonica International presents its idea of a speaker without compromises, limits, or restrictions. Fonica’s desire to improve and amaze at every level continues, so after making the first in-wall, on-wall and amplified planar loudspeaker, they introduce their first ultra-performance loudspeaker system,Grande. Grandeis an unprecedented loudspeaker system that blends technical prowess with precision mechanical engineering in a 3-way isodynamic planar design. Three powerful monophonic amplifiers with dedicated DSP are housed discretely behind the speaker, leaving only the unique elegance ofGrandevisible. Fonica’s classic design makes this 120kg appear majestic and light, despite their dominating and immersive performance. Unique construction of a rotating midrange and tweeter allows the precise adjustment of sound emission without moving the entire speaker.

Tech specs

1392 x 716 x 2045 mm
120Kg cad. circa
Sistema con DSP e tri amplificazione in classe D 500W+500W+100W
Woofer Area
10800 cmq
Midrange Area
2556 cmq
Tweeter area
936 cmq